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What we offer

Triangle offers the following insurance products

Term Life Insurance

This is also referred to as “mortgage protection insurance”. It is for a limited period of time (generally about 20 years). It is less expensive than whole life insurance because (fortunately), most of the time people outlive the policy. Common uses for this insurance would include homeowners with families and business loans.

Return of Premium

This is an option with some of the term insurance products we offer. The way it works is that your monthly premiums will be higher than traditional term insurance, but when the policy is over, you get all of the premiums you paid returned to you.


The most common use of an annuity is to turn “a pile of money” into a “stream of money”. For example, if you are looking at retirement and want a predictable income, a lot of times it can be helpful to look at what the guaranteed monthly income amounts you can obtain are based on the amount of investment you would like to make. These can be structured to meet your specific financial goals. 

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Why Triangle?

Triangle provides flexibility and expert advice along with many other reasons to work with us.

Competitive Carriers

We work with over 100 insurance companies to give you access to a comprehensive set of the right products that includes competitive pricing.

Options for Return Of Premium

Some of our insurance carriers will return the premiums of your life insurance if your policy ends and you have not made a claim. These generally are higher premiums, but it is an attractive option if you are concerned about losing the money you pay for your insurance.

We perform a Needs Assessment

With Triangle, you have access to an insurance agent that will be personally assigned to help you through every step of the process and keep you organized.

Customer Service Portal

Have a late night question? Our customer support desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By using our portal you can also track previous answers to questions.

We Perform Annual Reviews

As time passes your needs may change. You are warmly invited to an annual review of your insurance needs which can be scheduled directly through the customer service portal.