maintain your lifestyle

A strategy for any retirement goal

Planning for retirement well in advance of the time you ride off into the sunset and leave the workforce is essential to preserving your assets. We understand that one of the biggest fears of many people nearing retirement is either at sustaining their current lifestyle or outliving their nest egg. Our retirement planning strategies ensure you can sustain a desired lifestyle in retirement.

get the advantage

Grow and preserve your assets

Our advisors help take the guesswork out of retirement planning by creating customized solutions for any retirement goal. Starting and maintaining a comfortable retirement includes reducing your tax burden, having enough liquidity, and relying less on social security benefits through a growing personal finance portfolio.

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Retirement Specialists

Stay focused. Stay in control of your money.

Designed to provide financial peace of mind. Our individual focus provides a customized selection of insurance products, investment strategies, and legacy planning to account for your unique needs. Larger retirement planning companies send you to several departments. We work directly with you to ensure you’re in control of your money.

Let’s discuss your future

Together, we’ll build a plan customized to your needs.

Early Planning

Build a foundation

Building the foundation of your retirement plan considers many things from your current assets, expected life changes, ideal retirement income, and risk tolerance. As you move through life, however, your expectations may change and so should your plan. We’ll help you create a dynamic plan that can be fluid to address those changes while still being focused on your retirement goals.


Reduce risk

As you near retirement, gradually reducing your risk becomes more important. Considerations for social security, health insurance, retirement account distributions or rollovers, and tax events must all be considered. Our 20+ years of experience in planning for retirement will help you protect your hard earned money and enjoy the retirement you’ve been planning. Learn how asset preservation works.


Navigate retirement

If you’re already retired, it’s still important to carefully navigate your retirement income, distributions, budget, and health insurance needs to guarantee a fruitful retirement. Our advisors can help you take the hassle out of your aspirations with a focused strategy designed to make the most of your assets. We’ll help you maximize your income while limiting your tax burden, help you navigate a combined social security income strategy, and develop a plan to ensure you have enough income to fulfill your retirement expectations.

Our Philosophy

Building wealth through education. Build confidence & learn what will help you reach your goals.

Partnering with a financial planner is a big decision. Triangle Capital Investments is focused on wealth building through education & is excited to help you reach your financial goals.